Who We Are

Welcome to the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia! Since 1877, the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia has been a rallying point for engineers. It is one of the oldest professional clubs in the nation, and has developed a prestigious reputation as a place for professionals to be recognized and to expand their contacts. Over the years, the Club has had prominent engineers as members including Thomas A. Edison, Herbert Hoover and David Sarnoff. Nine presidents of the Franklin Institute have also been presidents of the Engineers' Club

Engineering has become a very fragmented profession as there is no national overarching organization to provide a coordinated face for engineering. Two key aspects of our Vision and Mission are to provide coordination among the various engineering and technical societies and outreach to the general public and various student populations. We strive to be a resource for parents, educators, counselors, students, the public, and the media to help answer the question "What does an engineer do?" and related questions such as the education required. At the post-secondary level, we work with the local colleges and universities in supporting engineering students.

President's Message

On behalf of the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia, welcome to our Club website. I hope you find it useful and informative. If you are already a member of the Club, thank you for your continued membership. If not, please consider joining us. We exist for our members, and it is our dedication to each other that has made this club great for nearly 140 years.
First and foremost, the Club strives to be a resource for you, your fellow engineers, and affiliated professionals to network and socialize with each other. But your club is also much more. Our mission statement reflects our purpose:
      “The Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia is dedicated to relationship building and
       networking among technical professionals, communication and collaboration

       among engineers, raising the awareness of engineering in our society, and the

       professional development of its members.”
We host numerous meetings and social events over the course of the year, including the many activities that are part of Delaware Valley Engineers Week in February, our Annual Meeting in June, and the Annual Engineering Multi-Society Meeting in December. The Club also provides educational courses, professional presentations, and project tours as opportunities arise. Our younger member group is also conducting great programs and social activities.
I am honored to serve you as Club President and ask that you not hesitate to reach out to me with any ideas, comments, or questions you have about your Club.


Michael V. Griffin, P.E.

Michael V. Griffin, PE - PRESIDENT

Megan Syrnick, PE - PRESIDENT- ELECT


Christopher Holliday, PE - VICE PRESIDENT


Emily Hoffman, PE - SECRETARY

Christopher J. Menna, PE - DIRECTOR



Vince DeFlavia -  DIRECTOR

Kevin Brown, EIT - DIRECTOR

Ruben David, PE - DIRECTOR

Robert M. Wright, PE - DIRECTOR

E. Mitchell Swann, PE, LEED AP - DIRECTOR

Lawrence O. Dibor - DIRECTOR

Devonne Jackson, PE - DIRECTOR