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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

About Us

Founded in 1877, the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia (ECP) is one of the oldest professional clubs in the nation.

The ECP is dedicated to relationship building and networking among technical professionals, communication and collaboration among engineers, raising the awareness of engineering in our society, and the professional development of its members. Its vision
is to be the unifying club for engineers and related professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

The Philadelphia Engineering Foundation (PEF) is the charitable arm of ECP. The foundation’s mission and vision are to help develop and retain local engineering workforce and support the role of the engineering profession in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Individual (including Younger Member and Student levels) and Corporate Memberships are available, and we provide opportunities for Agency Partnerships. All memberships in the Club provide opportunities for networking and developing relationships with other professionals and public officials.

ECP coordinates the annual Delaware Valley Engineers Week Celebration in conjunction with local chapters of engineering technical societies, corporations, and universities.Professional, collegiate, and secondary school award recipients are recognized at our annual Awards
Luncheon, with additional recognition of the art of engineering at the Young Engineers Social and Celebration of Engineering Reception.

ECP offers courses, meetings, and tours which meet the needs of many practicing technical professionals. In today’s
rapidly changing world, it is essential that engineers not only maintain, but continually increase both technical and
management skills to remain, and often create, at the cutting edge.

Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia is a student outreach website providing information about engineering
and engineering programs for K-12 students, parents, educators, as well as scholarships and internships.

The Philadelphia Engineering Founcation offers scholarships for high school seniors and college students and outstanding secondary school math, science, and engineering teachers and collegiate student paper awards.

ECP maintains an on-line listing of engineering and technical societies and hosts semi-annual Affiliate Society Leadership Summits to cultivate partnerships with other engineering-related technical and professional societies around common areas of Interest.


Learn more about these activities in the appropriate sections of this website. You can download a flyer with this information. If you have any questions, email the Club office.