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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia


Currently, the Club presents two awards other than as part of Delaware Valley Engineers Week.

George Washington Medal
The Club has been awarding the Washington Medal since 1967 for outstanding contribution to technological progress through engineering management. Traditionally, recognition has been given for technical work; the Club had decided that engineers were contributing to industry in roles far beyond their original technical and scientific endeavors. The George Washington Medal is awarded to an individual for outstanding contribution to technological progress through engineering management and for exemplary support of such technological progress by key decision-makers outside the engineering field. While technological progress is frequently a team effort there is usually an individual who was key in managing the overall effort. It is for this effort that the award is presented.

On June 7, the Club presented the George Washington Medal to former Governor Ed Rendell. Mr. Rendell has been a tireless supporter and advocate for increased funding for and improvements to public infrastructure, both while in elected office (serving as Mayor of the City of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2000 and Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 2003 to 2011) and since his return to private life. He remains a strong advocate of funding for infrastructure improvements and upkeep in general and transportation facility investment in particular. He has continually been in the forefront in his recognition of engineers and the engineering profession to achieve these goals for infrastructure.

Past Recipients

1967 Samuel S. Baxter
1968 George E. Beggs, Jr.
1969 Roy G. Rincliffe
1970 Francis G. Tatnall
1971 Chalmer G. Kirkbride
1972 Walter M. Golaski
1973 Roy F. Weston
1974 James L. Everett
1975 Walter H. Herman
1976 Harold E. Vann
1977 Carmen F. Guarino
1978 Samuel T. Hudson
1979 John L. Rumpf
1980 Harry R. Halloran
1981 Richard E. Woodring
1982 Vincent S. Boyer
1983 John J. Lotz
1984 Joseph M. Deveraux
1985 August D. Pistilli
1987 Lewis A. Caccese
1988 Richard A. Mulford
1992 Hank Rowan
1996 C. R. “Chuck” Pennoni
1997 Joseph Bordogna
1999 Constantine N. Papadakis
2005 Harry M. Perks
2006 Lawrence M. Moy
2011 Greg, Keith, Barry and Ray Bentley*
2013 Ed Rendell
2014 Krishna P. Singh

*The leadership provided by Greg, Ray, Barry, and Keith Bentley, while more than one person, is different from any other type of team effort, and so it was only fitting that all four be presented with the medal.

Mulford Volunteerism Award
The Mulford Volunteerism Award was initiated in 2013, to be presented for exemplary service to the Engineers’ Club or Philadelphia Engineering Foundation.  The award was named to honor Richard A. Mulford, PE, one of the key volunteers who has served in many and various roles in both the Club and Foundation since the 1950's, including his tenure as the volunteer Executive Director of the Club for nearly 20 years starting in the early 1990's. He continues his service today as a Director Emeritus of the Club.

On June 19, the Engineers' Club presented the inaugural Mulford Volunteerism Awards to Colette Montague, PE of Urban Engineers, Inc. and Kathryn P. Russo, PE, PTOE of Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.

Ms. Montague was instrumental in the production of the Newspapers in Education supplement Build Your Future With a Career in Engineering, coordinating with 15 area technical societies who provided the financial support and content and with the Philadelphia Inquirer. You can see the results of her efforts on the Club’s website. She also assisted with the Engineering in the City Tour.

Ms. Russo worked with the Franklin Institute in the production of the Engineering in the City Tour, coordinating with the 11 area technical societies who provided the financial support and content. Signs highlighting various engineering sites around Center City were posted in time for the Tour introduction during Delaware Valley Engineers Week. Information on the tour, including copies of the signs, is available on the Foundation’s website. Ms. Russo was not able to attend the meeting and will be presented her award later.