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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Strategic Plan




Be the unifying club for engineers and related professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Region.


The Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia is dedicated to relationship building and networking among technical professionals, communication and collaboration among engineers, raising the awareness of engineering in our society, and the professional development of its members.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1
Provide opportunities for building relationships through networking and social events for engineers and related professionals.


  1. Provide networking and social opportunities.
  2. Provide value-added membership options and benefits. 
  3. Provide pathways for people new to the profession to participate in the Club.

Goal 2
Use the unique role of the Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia as a historic, multi-disciplinary engineering organization to promote broad-based cooperation and collaboration among engineering related professionals.


  1. Collaborate with the affiliated professional societies to promote and share information on upcoming programs and events.
  2. Be a resource of information about engineering and engineering programs for the public, media, government officials, educators, parents, and students. 
  3. Be the focal point and communications tool for engineers of all disciplines.
  4. Be a place for members to be involved in multi-disciplinary activities and civic engagement. 
  5. Promote the engineering profession. 

Goal 3
Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.


  1. Provide a connection between educators and engineers in promoting math and science in K-12 education.
  2. Support undergraduate and graduate engineering students.
  3. Support programs involved in STEM education. 

Goal 4
Be a source of professional development information and programs for engineers and related professionals.


  1. Provide meaningful and timely professional development offerings that engage Club members.
  2. Promote the professional development offerings of engineering-related partners.
  3. Provide information on professional engineering licensure, training, and continuing education.
  4. Provide updates on legislative matters that affect engineers and related professionals.