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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia


[an error occurred while processing this directive] The Affiliate Affairs Committee is helping all of the engineering societies in the area work together on those things that we have in common. Our goals are:

  • Develop opportunities for the Club to act as a conduit for the coalescence of the greater Philadelphia engineering community.
  • Cultivate partnerships with other technical and professional societies around common areas of interest.
  • Advance services offered by the Club that will assist other technical and professional societies in the greater Philadelphia area.

To this end we:

Maintain an online listing of the various engineering and technical societies in the area

Host semi-annual Affiliate Society Leadership Summits

Include all engineering and technical societies within the Delaware Valley as Affiliate Members of the Club

Maintain a Speakers Bureau

There are other programs offered over time that provide an opportunity for the societies to work together on a project that is bigger than any one group or needs the participation of many disciplines. A recent effort was the Newspapers in Education program, a supplement in the editions of the Philadelphia Inquirer, both paper and electronic, that are distributed to over 40,000 students and teachers in the region. This effort was only made possible by the 15 area engineering technical societies that joined us in sponsoring this supplement, called "Build Your Future With a Career in Education". More information, including links to information about engineering that appeared in nine general distribution issues of the Inquirer, is available here.