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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Affiliate Society Leadership Summits

The leaders of all the engineering-related socieites in the Greater Philadelphia area are invited to send one or more of their key leaders to our semi-annual Affiliate Society Leadership Summits to discuss common issues related to engineering in the area and the promotion of engineering.

Summits are usually held in late September and early May, starting at 5:30 pm with a light dinner and networking, and then continue with a short program to discuss current opportunities for coordination among the engineering and technical societies, and conclude with an open discussion.The program will end by 7:30 pm.

The specific topics of discussion and reservation information will be provided closer to the event. Emailed invitations are sent to all society leaders on our distribution list. If you'd like to make sure your society receives these invitations, fill and submit the Engineering Related Socity Key Contact Update Form to the Club office.

If you have a topic you'd like to discuss, email Megan Syrnick, the Affiliate Affairs Committee Chair. Topics could include an issue your Board is struggling with and would like to see how other societies handle that or you have held a successful program that you'd like to tell others about.

If you have never been to a Summit and have questions on what this is all about, please email Megan Syrnick.

The meeting report for the May 6, 2014 Summit is available here.

Summit Location: Pennoni Associates
3001 Market Street, 2nd Floor
(Next to 30th Street Train Station)
Philadelphia, PA 19104