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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Student Outreach

A key goal of the Engineers' Club is outreach to students, both at the K-12 level, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

We strive to be a resource for parents, educators, counselors, students, the public, and the media to help answer the question "What does an engineer do?" and related questions such as the education required. At the post-secondary level, we work with the local colleges and universities in supporting engineering students.

There are many discipline-specific technical societies; they and the local universities and engineering firms have various programs for encouraging students in engineering. Many of these programs require significant volunteer effort. But there is no one location to pull the information together or to help connect program-providers with potential volunteers.

Our goal is not to create new programs. Rather, we are working with the various societies, universities, and companies to provide a "one-stop shop" that can:

  • match program-providers with volunteers and with potential program participants
  • be a resource about engineering for K-12 stakeholders
  • be a resource to provide information on engineering programs at local colleges / universities
  • support members of the Club chapters at local colleges / universities

Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia
In support of the first two bullet items above, the Philadelphia Engineering Foundation (the charitable arm of the Club) developed, courtesy of an in-kind grant from IBM, developed Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia, a new student outreach website. There are two main components to the site:

1) information about engineering for students, parents, educators, and the general public and
2) information about various programs in the region that introduce students to engineering, as well as scholarships and internships for college students.


If you have a K-12 engineering-related program, scholarship, or internship that you’d like to advertise, you can now register as a “program provider” and add your program information to the site. This could be a camp, competition, demonstration, hands-on activity / mentoring program, tour, lecture, scholarship, or internship. Go to www.DiscoverEngPhila.org to register and to enter your program information. Contact Susan Best for more information and questions.

Speakers Bureau
The Club has a Speakers Bureau. The intent is to be a resource for speakers as part of student outreach efforts in the schools (both K-12 and collegiate), as speakers for the engineering and technical society regular programs and /or special events, and to speak to the press upon request. To make this work, however, we need information on YOU. Click here for more information.