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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Engineering Foundation, the charitable arm of the Engineers' Club, developed a new student outreach website "Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia" courtesy of a grant from IBM. This website is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about engineering, including:

  • Students searching for engineering programs at local universities
  • Program providers interested in promoting K-12 student outreach engineering programs
  • Teachers and educators looking for engineering programs for their students
  • Parents seeking information on how to help their child learn more about engineering
  • Engineers looking for opportunities to mentor students
  • Anyone looking to find out what engineers do

This website has two main sections:

  • Information about what engineering is and what engineers do
  • A searchable database of programs that reach out to K-12 students that encourage a career in engineering, as well as scholarships and internships. Programs can include:
    • Camp
    • Competition
    • Demonstration
    • Hands-on activity / mentoring program
    • Tour
    • Lecture

There are many websites that provide information about engineering, and new website provides links to many of them (and will add more as we become aware of them). What makes this website different is that it provides information on all areas of engineering and is focused on programs and engineering schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

If you are a student, teacher, parent, or counselor interested in finding out about engineering or these programs, click here.

If you have a K-12 engineering-related program, you can register as a “program provider” and add your program information to the searchable database.  Click here to register and to enter your program information.  Click on the upper right hand corner “Login for Program Providers” and then create an account. The account will need to be approved before you can enter information on any programs, but that is done as quickly as possible.

Click here for additional information on entering your program, including a Program Providers Guide.

Many of the programs included on the website have indicated a need for additional volunteers and/or funding.  The search function on the website allows you to search specifically for those opportunities. 

Contact Susan Best if you have any questions.