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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Technical Advisory Council

To further enhance the opportunities to raise the profile of engineers in the region and to deploy our collective expertise for the betterment of the region, the Club has initiated a Technical Advisory Council (TAC). The TAC will operate as a standing council of Engineers' Club members but with a somewhat fluid roster - the goal is to provide '10,000 foot level' early stage technical guidance to local government bodies and officials on items and issues that have a strong technical component but where the official(s) aren't necessarily knowledgeable enough about the subject to do the high level reality check needed to better plan a path forward. The TAC will not be providing 'for fee' consulting services in competition to area firms, but more like a short list of 'things to consider' on technical issues, especially those that affect economic development or infrastructure in the region.

The TAC has already held a conference call with a member of the Philadelphia City Council to provide general information about a specific topic. The TAC is not just for Philadelphia City Council, but is available for other governmental bodies.

Club members may sign up to participate in the TAC by clicking here, logging into and then editing their member profile, and checking the box for Technical Advisory Council. Also provide some information about your areas of expertise. This opportunity is available only for Club members. Be sure to log in using the email address at which you receive notices from the Club.