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DVEW Call for Nominations - EOY, YEOY, HOF, OSA


You may not recognize all those acronyms in the title - they stand for Engineer of the Year, Young Engineer of the Year, Hall of Fame and Outstanding Service Award. The Delaware Valley Engineers Week's Awards Committee is issuing a call for nominations for these four key awards to be presented during the 2013 Delaware Valley Engineers Week festivities.


There are many engineers in the Delaware Valley of all disciplines and years of experience who are deserving of recognition for their many engineering accomplishments and/or years of service to engineering or the community. To help us in our quest to raise awareness of the many contributions of the engineering profession, we would like to cite these deserving individuals accordingly. If you know someone like that, check out the Calls for Nominations at the following links.

Engineer of the Year
Young Engineer of the Year
Engineering Hall of Fame
Outstanding Service Award

The Engineering Hall of Fame also encompasses notable projects, inventions and undertakings, and we would encourage you to consider nominations for these accordingly. Information on past recipients of these awards can be found here.

You may ask: Isn't this a bit early as Engineers Week isn't until February? We're doing this early as we know that many organizations slow down their activities in the summer and then it can be very busy when September comes around. This early call provides more advance notice and time to consider nominations before the deadlines for submissions. The EOY will be elected by delegates of the area engineering technical societies on November 11, which means the nominations will be due October 10. Nominations for the other awards are due November 17.