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Engineers' Club of Philadelphia


Did You Know - Engineering Facts for Student Outreach Website


We have been working on a student outreach website, Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia, with the assistance of an in-kind grant from IBM. We could use your help with providing interesting facts about engineering for the "Did You Know?" block on the home page. This could be a "this day in history" item or it could be just some simple fact about any branch of engineering or something related to engineering. Some samples that we currently have are:


  • Benjamin Franklin Bridge: The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, spanning the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden, stood as the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was completed in 1926. It was designed by engineer Ralph Modjeski, and is a monument to early 20th century bridge engineering and the union between architectural aesthetics and engineering technology.
  • Air-conditioning at the PSFS building: The first modern electrical air-conditioning unit was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier, and the term "air-conditioning" was coined by textile engineer Stuart Cramer in 1906. In 1932, the new Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building (PSFS building) became only the second skyscraper in the United States to be completely air-conditioned, a major luxury at the time.

Preferably, the items would relate to the Greater Philadelphia area, but could certainly include major national and international items. We can include links to offsite websites for additional information, but do want to keep the content on our site brief. The information should be of interest to the general public, particularly students. We can also include images, but we need to be sure that they are either in the public domain or you can give us the rights to the image. If you send an image, please send the Image Release Form.


If you have such items, please send them to studentwebsite@pefound.org. As we need to be careful that we are presenting facts, we ask that you provide a reliable source for the information.