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Welcome to the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Since 1877, the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia has been a rallying point for engineers. It is one of the oldest professional clubs in the nation, and has developed a prestigious reputation as a place for professionals to be recognized and to expand their contacts. Over the years, the Club has had prominent engineers as members including Thomas A. Edison, Herbert Hoover and David Sarnoff. Nine presidents of the Franklin Institute have also been presidents of the Engineers' Club.

The Engineers’ Club of Philadelphia is dedicated to relationship building and networking among technical professionals, communication and collaboration among engineers, raising the awareness of engineering in our society, and the professional development of its members.


Call for Volunteers!

The ECP, in its partnership with Engineering Tomorrow, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide high school students a look into various engineering disciplines, seeks additional industry engineers help virtually deliver one of their 20 labs.

Lab sessions are being scheduled weekly and there is a need to help Engineering Tomorrow deliver the Inro Lab sessions using the materials that have already been created and scripts included. We would love to see more of our engineering community help give back and spread your excitement about what it is that we do to the younger generation of students in hopes of creating a passion for them to pursue as a career. The labs vary, check this link out that shows the labs Engineering Tomorrow has created and available to students:


The commitment is approximately 30-45 minutes and you can chose a session(s) that will meet your schedule. If interested, contact Richa Singhal from ET at and copy Vince DeFlavia at Richa has some additional information for you to review (presenter presentation guide) and would love to have you shadow a session that gets delivered so you can get an idea on how the information is delivered.


Please check out the information and strongly consider volunteering your time!

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

ECP strives to be a resource for you, your fellow engineers, and affiliated professionals to network and socialize with each other